We work with the big, brave, and bold to design, develop and deploy simple solutions to complex ideas.

Simple is hard and easy is harder, so they often get overlooked. But complex and messy are not great pathways to success. LOWFI was born to wrangle the most complex ideas into simple, easy, and sometimes even invisible solutions.  

Whether you’re an early-stage startup or Fortune 500 talk to us. We design, develop, deploy solutions that drive automation, fuel business growth and enable next-generation products and experiences. So, what your big idea?

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Our mission is to help brands leverage and build tech to fuel business growth and enable next-generation products and experiences

Over 80% of Fortune 500 firms that existed in 1955 are gone. Today the life expectancy of a firm is less than ten years—all due to their inability to adopt processes, technology, and innovate on time.

Whether physical or digital, technology can be complex, difficult to choose, and leverage the best way. And with the rapid pace of tech evolution and customer demand, there is no single company without the risk of disruption to the success of their products or services.

At LOWFI, we partner with our clients to overcome these challenges and seize new opportunities by helping them design, develop and deploy technology that fuels business growth and enables next-generation products and experiences.

Here are our areas of expertise

Strategic Planning

Discovery + Design Sprints

Research, Analytics, & Insights

Positioning Strategy

User / Audience Definition

Product Requirements Development

Brand Experience

Identity + Positioning

Visual Language + Art Direction

Design Production + Execution

Brand Messaging

Brand Guidelines + Playbooks

User Experience

Experience Strategy

eCommerce + Websites

Digital Product + Services

Design Systems + Style Guides

Prototyping & Optimization


Technical Discovery

Technical Architecture

CMS Implementation

Quality Assurance

Interactive Prototyping